What is it?

Imagine that you can turn your wall into an immersive doorway to a virtual world! Wear your 3D Glasses and discover a new world at real scale in which you can interact naturaly!

The player does not have to imagine himself in the game anymore, he is in the game. Forget everything you know about VR headsets & motion sickness, everything you see in SCALee is smoothly mixed with your body, naturally. The 3d effect is something never seen before and you still have social interactions with other people in the room!

Scalee is not only about Virtual Reality! It’s a complete Media center for your home. It includes a computer so you can surf, whatch 3D movies and more with this 3 meters wide screen!


SCALee includes state-of-the-art components for your best experience.

The technical specifications are:

  • Projector : full HD resolution, ultra-short throw. 4000 lumens, active stereoscopic mode.
  • Markerless tracking sensor
  • PC : Processor Intel Core i5-4210U (Dual-Core – 1.7 GHz / TurboBoost 2.7 Ghz), 8 Gb DDR3 RAM, HDD 1 To, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M. Windows 10 64 bits
  • HDMI input, to plug your own console or HDMI device
  • 1 x USB 3


SCALee comes built-in with the following softwares, installed on top of a standard Windows 10:

  • SCALee Center, which allows you to easily handle and manage your virtual reality games and applications,
SCALee Center
SCALee Center
  • Future Runner for SCALee, an intense obstacle race, based on the arcade title.
Future Runner game (stereoscopic mode)
Future Runner game (stereoscopic mode)

We have big plans regarding gaming and general VR contents development for SCALee. But besides our own games, software developers will also benefit from a Unity 3D developer kit. This developer kit, for Unity version 5.x, allows to easily port any existing unity project to the SCALee, and seamlessly benefit from 1:1 scale rendering and user tracking.

Unity 5.3 development kit
Unity 5.3 development kit


Coming soon…

The Team

Three founders with a huge experience about virtual reality systems, managing the french leading company in low-cost projection-based virtual reality solutions. Their technology is already used in major industry corporations, as well as in amusement centers.

Emmanuel Icart : President, in charge of games, finances and suppliers.

Julien Baessens : CTO, in charge of development, software architecture and communication.

Olivier Legrand : Associate, in charge of hardware architecture.

What about headsets ?

Virtual reality is an insanely fastly growing market. These technologies offer new sensations never seen before in front of a standard screen. A lot of devices exists now, mostly based on headsets. Industry use million-dollars systems based on projection to create immersion. And what about using these technologies at home? Benefits are already known by these actors:

  • Significantly reduced motion sickness
  • This technology ensures the immersion produces a real, measurable 1:1 scale effect
  • Ultra-high resolution : SCALee offers a resolution of 2.3 minute arc per 3D pixel, compared to 5.5 minute arc for the next generation of headsets.
  • Social : you can share this experience with other people !